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    What is a fleet of vehicles?

    A fleet of vehicles includes all the means of transport of a company for the employees. For example: cars, scooters, motorcycles, or bicycles. All means of transportation are grouped together within the same service to facilitate their management and use.

    What does fleet management consist of?

    Fleet management covers all tasks related to the use and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles. It refers to all operations carried out to ensure:

    • Supervision: to plan the activity, to assign the personnel or to allocate the vehicles to the personnel in need...
    • Maintenance: to schedule the cleanliness of the vehicles, to plan the reception of new vehicles, to be able to control the repairs
    • Maintenance: to carry out the necessary maintenance on the vehicle for its good functioning and to ensure a reasonable wear of the vehicle

    Who benefits from a fleet management service?

    A fleet management system is aimed at all entities (companies, associations, communities, etc.) that own a fleet (cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.), regardless of the energy used (gasoline, diesel, electric, hydrogen).

    What are the advantages of having a fleet management solution?

    Advantages for the company:

    • Guarantee the availability of vehicles
    • Optimize costs
    • Monitor trips / Optimize trips
    • Identify possible optimization factors
    • Simplified data processing (dematerialization of trip sheets)
    • Increase productivity
    • Possibility to share costs by having an inter-company fleet

    Benefits for users:

    • Have a better visibility of available vehicles
    • Encourage the use of a well thought-out mobility
    • Increase productivity
    • Have access to quality-maintained vehicles

    Why choose our solution?

    Manage: with our fleet management platform, the fleet manager will be able to easily manage his entire fleet of vehicles, from the entry of the vehicle to the return or sale of the latter. He will be able to ensure the smooth running of the fleet and the movements of the vehicles. And thus, guarantee an optimal use of the vehicles in its totality.


    Control: to ensure and guarantee a perfect use of its fleet management, the manager must control the costs generated. He must therefore have a vision of all past and future actions. Our fleet management solution provides a complete dashboard with a set of indicators that gives a simple and easy reading of the current status of the fleet.


    Understand: thanks to the intuitive dashboard of our platform, the fleet organizer will have a perfect visibility and will be able to analyze the possible points of improvement. Thus, he will be able to make the right decisions at the right time. He will be able to take control of the vehicles and will have a complete mastery of his fleet's environment.


    So, if you want to improve the use of your current fleet or offer new benefits to your employees or customers, our solution is for you!

    Does Mobinow manage data security and privacy?

    Yes, we manage all data security and confidentiality. We are in compliance with the GDPR regulation and all data is hosted and saved in France.

    Do you have a user support?

    Yes, our support is composed of business and technical experts to answer all your questions. They can be reached from 9am to 12pm / 2pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday (contact@mobinow.tech / +33 4 44 05 10 41)
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