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Do you want to improve your fleet management system and integrate all types of vehicles and all types of energies?

Then find out what our Mobinow solution can mean for your business!

Mobility redefined!

Our fleet management platform makes it possible to provide users with shared vehicles!


The aim is simple: to reduce vehicle downtime, encourage the use of vehicles by several people, and reduce the activity costs associated with managing your fleet.


Our fleet management software is highly adaptable because it can be adapted to the size of your fleet and the energy sources used (petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid, hydrogen).

Fulfill your needs!

Our Mobinow solution is aimed at all companies wishing to promote mobility for their employees or customers. Whether you are a company, an association, a community or a co-working space, our fleet management solution will meet your needs.
We carry out an assessment of your needs and expectations in terms of fleet management and we respond quickly to establish a solution that suits you. We help you throughout the process of setting up your profile on the platform

A personalized solution!


From small to large companies, including co-working spaces, you can use our Mobinow solution. We will support you in your project and offer you the best solution to help you manage your fleet daily. Observe, analyse, make your vehicles profitable and significantly reduce your costs.


Whether you are a local or regional authority, with this solution, you can reduce your management costs but also compensate for your budget cuts. You will also be able to improve your services to your citizens: responsiveness and quality of service.


We know that for an association every cent count, so it is important to be able to track every expense related to the use of your vehicles. With our fleet management solution, you will have full visibility of your fleet and manage it directly on the Mobinow platform. You will be able to easily monitor the use of your vehicles, plan maintenance, and analyse your costs for efficient fleet management!
Link your entire fleet!
Link your entire fleet!

Huge! Breathtaking benefits!

By opting for our solution, you will be able to observe several advantages and benefits for your company, so you can take the leap!

Intelligent private management tool with integrated artificial intelligence

Adaptable to all vehicles (car, scooter, motorbike, bicycle)

And all types of energy (petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid, hydrogen)

Offre accessible à toutes les entreprises possédant une flotte et respect de la politique d'utilisation en vigueur

Optimization of journeys and hydrogen refueling stations (currently being deployed)

Flexible pricing and timetables according to user policy

Dematerialization of trip documentation to facilitate data processing

Possibility of inter-company sharing

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How does it work?

Rethink how you use your fleet management software and discover how Mobinow works!

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